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Baseball Evaluation Stats, Player Ratings, and Salary Projections. 5,000 Hours of Research. Now a Player Rating System that Mirrors the Way Real Baseball Values Its Players with Stats you can get Nowhere Else! Explaining the performance evaluation stats of Stat Geek Baseball. Our New Stats Include ...

PEVA - Individual Player Rating for each season.
SPRO - Salary Projection data for future years.
EXPEQ - Experience Equivalent to Major League Service Time.

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Baseball News

Baseball News

Hall of Fame BBWAA To Induct Four

January 24, 2018 - Four new players, two on the ballot for the first time, will enter the Hall of Fame this coming July; Chipper Jones, Vladimir Guerrero, Jim Thome, and Trevor Hoffman. They will accompany two additional players added in December by the Veterans Committee; Jack Morris and Alan Trammel.

How Did the Vote Go for Those Inducted: Chipper Jones 410 (97.2%), Vladimir Guerrero 392 (92.9%), Jim Thome 379 (89.8%), Trevor Hoffman 337 (79.9%). 75% is needed for election.

How Did Other Do Who Remain on the Ballot: Edgar Martinez 297 (70.4%), Mike Mussina 268 (63.5%), Roger Clemens 242 (57.3%), Barry Bonds 238 (56.4%), Curt Schilling 216 (51.2%), Omar Vizquel 156 (37.0%), Larry Walker 144 (34.1%), Fred McGriff 98 (23.2%), Manny Ramirez 93 (22.0%), Jeff Kent 61 (14.5%), Gary Sheffield 47 (11.1%), Billy Wagner 47 (11.1%), Scott Rolen 43 (10.2%), Sammy Sosa 33 (7.8%), Andruw Jones 31 (7.3%).

Those Who Did Not Get 5% and Are Removed from the Ballot: Jamie Moyer 10 (2.4%), Johan Santana 10 (2.4%), Johnny Damon 8 (1.9%), Hideki Matsui 4 (0.9%), Chris Carpenter 2 (0.5%), Kerry Wood 2 (0.5%), Livan Hernandez 1 (0.2%), Carlos Lee 1 (0.2%), Orlando Hudson 0, Aubrey Huff 0, Jason Isringhausen 0, Brad Lidge 0, Kevin Millwood 0, Carlos Zambrano 0.

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Baseball Contracts

Hot Stove League Contracts


Check the Hot Stove League sections now for our projections of Free Agent Contract Values, Qualifying Offers, and other contract offers for Arbitration Eligible and Pre-Arbitration Eligible Players for the 2016-2017 offseason, all using our proprietary SPRO system, telling you what they should be paid.

Free Agents

Week of March 12

Neil Walker signs 1 year $4,000,000 contract with Yankees, plus $500,000 incentives.

SPRO Analysis - New York Yankees get bargain in Walker. Yes, decreasing in value from 12.6 to 8.4 to 5.3 to 4.4 in PEVA value over the last four years, but still probably worth more than he got. Not easy to get a 0.362 OBP player for that price, although the SPRO value does not represent the end of free agent bargain basement pricing now in effect for most. SPRO $8,284,000.

Free Agents

Week of March 5

Jake Arrieta signs 3 year $75,000,000 with Phillies, including opt out after 2 years for player and 2 option years at $20m per with $10m incentives per year.

SPRO Analysis - Philadelphia pays market value for Arrieta. He'll make the Phils better in the short term, but we woudn't have done this for a rising team due to losing draft picks and international money. But he was worth the money, and even could have gotten more years. SPRO 3 year $73,791,000.

Lance Lynn signs 1 year $12,000,000 with Twins, plus $2m incentives.

SPRO Analysis - Minnesota pays market value for Lynn. SPRO 1 year $13,109,000.

Jonathan Lucroy signs 1 year $6,500,000 with A's.

SPRO Analysis - Oakland gets bargain in Lucroy. Yes, down year last year, but still worth more. SPRO 1 year $11,933,000.

Ichiro Suzuki signs 1 year $750,000 plus $1.25m incentives with Mariners.

SPRO Analysis - Seattle gets bargain in Ichiro. Yes, we know this is the bargain basement time and Ichiro is 44, but we still think it's a bargain. SPRO 1 year $4,187,000.

Jon Jay signs 1 year $3,000,000, plus $1.5m incentives, with Royals.

SPRO Analysis - Kansas City gets bargain in Jay. SPRO 1 year $5,735,000.

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Resign with Team

Week of March 5

Carlos Gonzalez signs 1 year $8,000,000 contract with Rockies.

SPRO Analysis - Colorado gets bargain in Gonzalez. Small bargain. SPRO 1 year $9,622,000.

Mike Moustakas signs 1 year $6,500,000 plus $2.2m incentives with Royals, plus $15m mutual option for 2nd season.

SPRO Analysis - Kansas City gets bargain in Moustakas. It had always seemed unwise for Moustakis to turn down the $17.4m one year qualifying offer, but he did. And now Kansas City is getting him for much less than he's worth. SPRO 1 year $10,111,000 or 3 year $31,407,000.

Carlos Correa signs 1 year $1,000,000 pre arbitration contract with Astros.

SPRO Analysis - Houston pays market value for Correa. We'd have given him the max for a pre-arb player, but it's in line. Surprised no extension was agreed to. SPRO 1 year $1,250,000 or 5 year $54,850,000.

Baseball History Notes

Deacon White

Baseball History Fact

April 4, 1871 - The first professional baseball league, the National Association, debuts with a game between the Cleveland Forest Citys and the Fort Wayne Kekiongas. Fort Wayne won the initial official game 2 to 0.

What else happened that year? January 17, 1871 - Andrew Smith Hallidie patents an improvement in endless wire and rope ways for cable cars. And on November 17, 1871 - The National Rifle Association is granted a charter by the State of New York.

Baseball History

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